Connor is a 2 time National and European Ultimate Champion. He was a Senior Midland Pole vault champion but began playing Ultimate at Sheffield Hallam University where he was taught the basic fundamentals of the sport and introduced to the rules. Ultimate is a 7 v 7 Team Sport with Men's, Women's and mixed gender divisions and is self refereed. The rules focus a form of sportsmanship called Spirit of the Game.  


In 2015 he trialed for the GB u23 squad but was not selected. Instead he set his sights on Club Ultimate and in 2016 Connor was selected for Clapham Ultimate, the reigning National and European champions. Since then he has won 2 National titles, and has travelled to Germany and Poland Winning Gold in both European Club Finals. 


In 2018 Connor travelled to the USA for the first time to compete in the World Ultimate Club Championships in Cincinnati. It was his first week long tournament and was an incredible learning experience playing against the best players in the World. 


At the start of 2019 Connor was selected for both the Great Britain Mixed squad for beach ultimate, and the Great Britain Men's squad for grass ultimate, and he will be competed at the European championships for both teams where he helped the GB Team win Bronze.


Connor is now aiming for World Games 2021 and Los Angeles Olympics 2028.


Connor lives in London and trains 5 days a week, and his long term goals are to attend the 2021 World Games in Birmingham - Alabama, and potentially the 2024 Paris Olympics if Ultimate is selected for the games.


Height: 6ft 

Club: Clapham Ultimate

National Teams: Great Britain Beach Mixed, Great Britain Men. 

Titles: 2016 National & European Gold, 2018 National & European Gold


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Instagram: @connor_mch

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